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Miniatures are here to stay.

 My new passion,  anything miniature. I have been working on dioramas, and small dioramas lately. 1/12 scale coffin shelf with a  light up Himalayan salt lamp, for a dollhouse build I plan. A metal tin painted and decorated with Canva graphics and Cricut and cut outs, decorated with jute twine. It’s a magnet. Another magnet, made from cardboard backing from notepads (box frame) and Cricut cutouts. I also used Canva to get my images. Dioramas- made from paper, and glue, each piece coated with gloss Mod Podge. Used Canva to get the images and Cricut to cut out pieces then glued them in place. No real scale, just kind of guessed with the sizing.  This is a magnet for my sister. I still need to send it to her. Room Box- 1/12 scale A room box, with another light up Himalayan salt lamp. Early WIP This will be a gift for someone soon. Almost finished. I can’t think of anything else to add.  And my next project is a trunk, converted into a portable dollhouse. The trunk was for some kind of mas

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