What's going on with you?

 Hello again. I am happy to be back. I haven't written anything in such a long time. It was once therapeutic for me to put all my bitchyness into a blog. Haha. I have to admit I did write a few good ones back in the day. I wish I had saved them. I have them somewhere on an old hard drive, but I wouldn't know where to begin looking. Think back to Myspace days. I don't know what year that was! 

Anyway, I have been working on gardening lately. I have these boxes set up to grow radishes, and I already picked my first bunch last weekend. I used an spare piece of "fiberglass" it's not that anymore, but it's a polycarbonate roofing panel. Anyway, I cut it into strips and bent it to fit into my boxes, giving it a green house effect. I leave the sides open a little bit so it can get fresh air flow too. 

sprouting radishesFirst bunchSprouting Radishes box 2Almost readyGetting big

I also planted some cucumbers and zucchini this way but in pots so that I can replant them into the ground once they've sprouted. I noticed this morning that my zucchini were sprouting. Yay, success! My goal for this summer is to grow some edible food, cucumbers, zucchini, and the radishes. I also planted some sunflower seeds and those are coming up in the front yard. I hope they do well and get nice big flowers on them. 

And last weekend I bought a small container so I could have a patio pond this summer. It's very small, but I can't wait to get some live pond plants in it and some fish. I was messing around with trying to build my own self flowing fountain for it. But my brain just doesn't work that way. I looked up several videos on how to do it, but I don't think it will work in this situation. I will just get a solar pump. I have only added top floating plants (Salvinia) and one aquarium plant called pennywort. 

Next goal, I need a newer car! I hate to sell my truck, but I can't work on it, and no one wants to work on it for me so  it must go. I know I will regret selling it, but there's not much I can do for it to make it safer and better. I have been looking at used cars, but they all have high mileage on them! I really want to get something I can get out of town in a few times a year, hell at this point I will take something that can get me to the next town! I like renting cars, but they aren't cheap for a weekend trip and I just need something I can camp in and hang out in. I am leaning to a 4 door hatchback something. They have leg room and are not too big, and gas drinking. I miss my disappearing act road trips. If I could I would run away for the weekend this weekend. I wouldn't tell anyone where I am, I would ignore all my calls and texts. I might even runaway to the closest beach for a few days. My dogs have never been to the ocean. I will just keep saving and dreaming, till then. 

Oh, and my lilacs are blooming. They are so pretty, I love the colors. And they smell absolutely yummy! I have 2 different varieties in the backyard, and one white lilac in the front yard. The white one is blooming too, but I haven't taken any photos. I have been watering them with the fish water from our water changes, hopefully they are loving it!

And one big happy fish for the end. Gaston is my empire gudgeon. Sometimes he gets really bright colors. Isn't he gorgeous!?!

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