What's a few years?

 Greetings! Oh how time flies by. I can’t believe the dates of my last posts. 2007?!? I had comments from 2007 that I hadn’t even seen. Here we are 2023 and things have changed and I have been through more shit than I know what to do with. I don’t even know where to start. I finally feel good, mentally and physically. 

Right now I am testing to see if getting this blog up will even work. I haven't messed with nameservers and DNS stuff in years. It's all quite confusing at this point. 

Over the years I have been collecting fountain pens, and my recent obsessions have been aquariums. I have 4 total. And I want more! 

And there is the app Canva, I am making my own planner layouts. I make a month, starting with the whole year calendar, then the month, then the month broken down into weeks and days. I decorate each page with a theme. It's very relaxing. Then when I have it all done I upload it to my Ipad. And I write in it like a planner book/journal. I keep track of important dates, and sometimes I rant. I also write down my ideas, keep track of my bills, and doodle in it. 

I also start Vera Projekt 2 years ago, I went through a divorce and I needed something to keep me busy. So I made paper products and tried to sell them online. They are still for sale, just not posted on any websites at the moment. Also I have some jewelry for sale that I made last year. 

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