I had a visitor yesterday and more…

 Oh my gosh, I went to bed at 7 pm last night. After doing 2 quick small water changes on my fishy tanks, I went outside to scoop up dog poop, that turned into pulling weeds, and then that turned into creating a garden area. 

My back is killing me today. I hate that my ambition over rides my ability to ask for help before it is too late. My son helped me, but I had already dug up dirt and had been pulling weeds. Prior to this madness I had the sweetest little visitor , she was the calmest pup I have ever seen.

She was to be adopted out, but the adoptees changed their mind at the last minute.

And just like that almost two weeks has past and I still haven't published this blog. Ha. Typical. 

I had a crazy busy week. Then last weekend, I worked all day Saturday on a trial job. I didn't like it. So I declined the offer. On to the next. Not only that, but physically I felt awful on Sunday, after staying up till almost 11 pm the night before. I almost never stay up that late now, and my problem is that I can stay up that late, I just can't sleep in late to compensate the hours. So I still wake up at 6 am. Then I have my wonderful old dog that wakes me up at 5 am to go out and I can't go back to sleep after that, because then I will wake up late. Grr. 

So on Monday afternoon I cleaned up 3 fish tanks. It is kind of relaxing to do, I put on my music and go for it. I remove all the top floating plants first, then I wipe down the sides of the glass on the inside of the tank, then I remove a few gallons of water, refill with clean water and add the floaters back in and bam, done. Sparkly clean tanks, with happy fish. 

04/25/23- Ok, I will finally post this. Sheesh, I am not so good at this. Anyway, nothing else has been going on so I shall be on to the next posts. 

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