Shame on me.

A front shot:

I have this project at work to update a summer activities list from last year. I spent the better half of the morning making calls for updates, but the sewing machine and the ideas were just calling my name so loud. So I managed to make two more tank tops. That is where I say, shame on me. haha.
Anyhow, I used a t-shirt from the thrift store for one of them. It turned out sooo cute. I just separated the back of the shirt from the front then folded both sides right sides together, and cut out the pattern from McCall's #5389 to cut out the pieces. It was so fast and easy. About the only thing I don't like doing is sewing the hems around the neck and back , and the underarms. I would just use the serger to finish off the edges, but changing the thread from white to black would just be a total pain. So I just fold the edge over once and sew, and it works fine. Anyhow here are the two tanks I made.

This one is from the t shirt:

Here is the gray one. 98 cents a yard. Yay! The lines on it are from the sun shining through the blinds.

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